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How to clear up your Acne in 3 days
naturally and PERMANENTLY
A Step-By-Step Guide to Curing Acne For Life
The 3 Step Cure

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I'm Jessica, the official resident here at Natural Acne Control.com. You're about to learn the exact Step-by-Step Acne treatment plan that will have you pimple free starting just three days from now. Let's get right to it!

You've probably been feeling stressed about breakouts for a while. I completely understand where you're coming from. It wasn't long ago that acne controlled my life as well. With the regimen I'm about to teach you, you'll be turning the tables on acne. The guaranteed system will put YOU in the driver's seat. Get ready to learn natural acne control.

Looking back on my 15 year battle with acne, it seemed like there was just no hope. I would wake up morning after morning with another extreme breakout no matter what treatment I was implementing. I began to dread the face I saw in the mirror and self-consciousness plagued every interaction I had with others.

I felt ugly and wanted to hide my face at every occasion where cameras began to flash. People would gather together for joyous poses and I would make excuses to run out of the room, make a phone call or escape to the restroom. My skin problem was developing into an anti-social disorder where I avoided situations that put me in the limelight.

The condition made it hard to meet others and for a very long time I didn't even try to date. Afterall, how could I hold a conversation with someone when my thoughts always drifted to "Is he staring at the cluster of acne on my chin?"

My skin was BAD. I'm not talking about a few pimples here or there. I'm talking about waking up to groups of acne, bumps, blotches and dry spots on my face every day.

Bear in mind, it's not like I didn't put in the effort to resolve my acne. I had my Dermatologist on speed dial and at the time I was probably putting her kids through college with my bi-monthly appointments.

Her intentions were good, but she just couldn't solve my problem. I was put on every topical and pill form of medication under the sun. Unfortunately, the medicine actually exacerbated my condition in many ways.

The antibiotics would interfere with my birth control, the topicals would overdry my skin, and the pills had negative effects on my kidneys and liver. This was not the cure I was looking for.

Prescription drugs, even topical treatments, are just not a long-term solution!

Years went by and scarring began to take form on my face and back. My pimples were leaving their marks and letting everyone know that I had lost the battle for healthy skin. The appointments with my dermatologist became more and more scattered and hoplessness set in.

Really, I had just about resigned to the fact that chronic acne was a problem I just had to deal with. Thank goodness I was WRONG!

If I had given up then, I would still have the blemished complexion that once ruled my life. But I DIDN'T give up! Through trial and error, I learned that medication for acne was not a cure for life. It's a temporary fix. I kept going in my search for the ultimate treatment. The REAL cure was found through my first year of research following my last dermatologist appointment. Here it is...

Step 1: Acne Education

Oftentimes when people see this Step 1 title, they just want to skip ahead to the Acne 3 Day Cure. If you're feeling this way, that's fine. But I do encourage readers to read each and every step of this course.

Remember knowledge is power and the more you know about your acne, the better you'll be able to implement the treatment plan you'll be learning.

Take a moment to learn how your condition comes to be and then let's reverse engineer the whole process. As you learn, I hope the excitement begins to fill you as it did for me. Afterall, clear skin for life is just three days away!

What is Acne?

Your body is covered with follicles, better known as pores. In its simplest meaning, acne is a a clogged pore. Don't let the term acne throw you off. Whether it's a blackhead, a whitehead, a pimple or even a deep rooted cyst, they all fall into this category. No matter what blemish you suffer from, always remember, acne is a clogged pore.

Your ultimate goal in avoiding acne is to keep your pores unclogged. Sounds simple enough right? But, how do pores get clogged to begin with?

Oil, called Sebum, is released through your pores and out of your skin. When dirt, dead skin, unfavorable pH conditions or foreign matter are present in the pores, the Sebum is unable to drain out of the body to the skin's surface. The Sebum gets stuck in the pore and blocks the pore's opening.

Once this happens, microbacteria begin to form on the Sebum within the pore. This is called a microcomedone and it is the start of your acne. Basically your baby pimple. Not so cute huh?

Your body reacts to the attacking bacteria by sending white blood cells to the blocked pore. When the white bloods cells meet the bacteria, enzymes are released from the blood cells that damage the walls of the pore. This creates an inflamatory reaction and raises the pimple above the skin.

Acne primarily affects teenagers due to their bodies undergoing hormonal changes. However, adults in their 20s all the way into their late 40s may experience chronic acne.

I was in my 20s when my Acne reached it's peak. It's important to note that untreated acne over time can lead to scarring. This was the fear that drove me to search day and night for the perfect solution.

What Causes Acne?

The culprit of acne is the bacteria called "Propionibacterium acnes". It uses the skin's oil, Sebum, to survive.

Throughout your life, fluctuating hormone levels are major cause of acne. The hormones, called androgens, cause your sebaceous glands to increase in size and produce more Sebum (oil).

During periods where there is excessive oil in the skin, especially during puberty, pregnancy, just before a woman's menstrual cycle and the early stages of adulthood, this bacteria thrives on the surrounding Sebum and spreads throughout the pores at a rapid rate.

The increased bacteria leads to more clogs pores, hence more acne. It's a frustrating cycle but it CAN be stopped. Some of the common scenarios below can bring about excess acne. Take note of any you may be engaged in right now.

Factors that Increase Acne

  • Stress
  • 2 to 7 days before the beginning of a menstrual period
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Early adulthood (people in their 20s)
  • Alcohol, Barbiturates, Smoking
  • Greasy cosmetics
  • Irritation from overwashing or scrubbing your face
  • Popping pimples incorrectly can spread excess Sebum to other pores
  • Wearing sweaty clothing for extended periods of time
  • Polluted air
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Poor Diet
  • and more...

Types of Acne

Acne shows up in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you're sitting there saying "I don't really care what kind of acne I have. I just want it gone." If that's the case, you can simply skip to the 3 Day Acne Cure.

However, if you're looking to find out more about the different types of acne, read on.

Whiteheads: This form of acne results when dead skin cells are caught inside of a blocked pore. The bacteria that is feeding off of the skin's oil attracts white blood cells and the combination of white blood cells and dead skin cells give the head of this acne a whitish appearance. Whiteheads are usually not long lasting and these smaller variants of the acne family can be popped quite easily. Just make sure you pop the pimple correctly.

Blackheads: These can be stubborn and are most commonly found in the nose and chin region where Sebum (oil) is most prominent. Blackheads can be difficult to pop as they are rooted quite deeply. An exfoliant cleanser works best on these to dig gently into the skin and scrub away the blockage. The dark color of the blackhead is not caused by dirt and oil despite popular belief. The pigment in your own skin darkens when the blocked pore rises to the air and mixes with oxygen.

Papules: These are characterized by dark red bumps that rise on the skin. DON'T SQUEEZE papules. There is no puss to drain from them and you will cause scarring by picking or squeezing them. The best method for curing papules is to regain your skin's pH balance through the 3 Day Acne Cure.

Pustules: The name alone may gross you out. These are the more worrisome variety of acne. A pustule is like a grown up whitehead. It's basically your garden variety zit. They appear very inflamed with reddish color surrounding a puss filled center. They are perhaps the most common perception of a pimple. Make sure you know the proper way to pop one of these before you attempt to do so. You can read about how to pop a pimple properly HERE.

No matter what type of acne you suffer from, your goal is simple. You want to clear it up as quickly as possible and minimize any scarring that may occur from continued breakouts. Make this the last day you suffer from any of the acne mentioned above. The solution is here with the 3 Day Acne Cure on this site.

You're almost there. Soon you'll learn the natural acne treatment that clears your face after 3 days of use. The regimen is easy to follow and is guaranteed to change the way you think about acne.Go to Step 2 through the link below and take a step forward towards clear skin for life.

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